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In June of 1997, Wu-Tang Clan kicked the summer off at the top of the Hip-Hop class. Whereas 1993’s Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) just missed the Top 40 (to eventually reach platinum), its follow-up Wu-Tang Forever would debut at #1. A double album, the Loud/RCA Records release of the nine-man collective would eventually achieve four platinum plaques—despite its conviction to unconventional rhyming and production. Also by ’97, Clansmen such as Method Man and Ol’ Dirty Bastard had cemented solo stardom with hits of their own.

On the other hand, RZA, who was supplying lots of production to his swordsmen at that time, had not yet released a solo LP (though he branched into work with Prince Paul and Gravediggaz). Masta Killa, who was held to just a single verse on the ’93 jump-off, was still getting his name up, thanks to key features on LPs by Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, and GZA. U-God, who played a greater role in the debut LP, was also waiting for chance to let the “golden arms” shine.

So in 1997, part of the Clan and DJ Allah Mathematics hit Tim Westwood’s London, England studio to promote Wu-Tang Forever. Even as A-list artists, the Clan wanted to freestyle just like they had before the deal. RZA joined Mathematics behind the turntables for a set that lasted nearly one hour (52 minutes)—in freestyle, free-form radio that Westwood has just digitized. Some of these verses are straight off of the Wu double LP, and other projects. Other verses are clearly completely off the dome. Between the rhyming-intensive radio takeover, there are some jokes, antics, and even U-God’s hotel room stated for all the interested parties. For a group often called “raw,” this nearly 20 year-old relic shows how unchanged by success the Wu really was.

Wu-Tang Clan fans, here’s an 11 minute freestyle from Method Man, U-God & Masta Killa (Video)

For the first 20 minutes, the MCs play round-robin with the mic over some classic breakbeats. Even though he’s on the decks for part of it (and tries to play a cassette of some beats later on), RZA grabs the microphone and gets his rhymes in too. Heads will hear 1970s and 1980s park-jam records like ESG’s “U.F.O.,” Melvin Bliss’ “Synthetic Substitution,” Billy Squier’s “Big Beat,” and The Honeydrippers’ “Impeach The President.” Some of these records have been the sample basis for Wu favorites. Here, they are presented in loops. After this part of the set, the sounds move to Wu-Tang Forever instrumentals, and other gems from the solo releases.

O.D.B. Put The “Free” In Freestyle In This 1995 Outburst (Audio)

This is the second straight week that Westwood unveiled his Thursday throwbacks with Method Man material. As a reminder, if there is another album coming by the Clan, Ghostface Killah is said to be the one at the helm in terms of sound and direction.

RZA Freestyles Out Of The Blue During An Interview, Talks Battling Inspectah Deck (Video)

This 1997 footage begs the question: How many MCs with a #1 album about to drop want to rock for this long?



Title: Up like 11
1st verse: Danny R….
The flows sicker then Ebola
the microphone holder
take command of controller
heat it up like solar
More beef then angus
run shit like Genghis
Khan and his army
angry and ornery
Pillaging the village
for bitches and booty
yo run the jewels
give me the riches and the booty
That means the loot
me and Rock in cahoots
with the Dirty Dogg troop
for machine gun loot
Check the credentials
ever since my intro
I’ve been influential
like a number 2 pencil
In the hand of a kid
name Picasso also
doper then coke
in the nostril hostile
Rappers come for me
bore me
cause they rhyme poorly
plus there metaphors are mad corny
More then a myth
I’m a living legend
cause when we get down
we turn up like 11…
2nd verse: Big Rock
A yo I’m smooth in the clutch
smoke you like a dutch
can’t touch us like Hammer
cause the flow is too much
Bum rush the show
watch my soul glow
criminal minded
comprende amigo
Fatter then Cee Lo
never had a ego
me Mike & Dan
are more then just a trio
Friends are hard to find
unless your name is Nemo
catch me running from the cops
in a stolen El Camino
Let me clear my throat
system booming like the goat
rawer the sushi
that’s fresh off the boat
How you like me now
came to move the crowd
for the 1-5
cause the rhymes are so live
Eye for and eye
watch me touch the sky
take you back to 84
and watch them doves cry
Boogie boy fly
in my b boy stance
and do like Biggie smalls
and give them one more chance yo