Madlib Says He Doesn’t Want His Music Exploited Like J Dilla’s

Posted: January 12, 2014 in LATEST NEWS
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Despite passing away in 2006, J Dilla’s production can still be heard on new songs released well after his death like on Joey Bada$$’ “Two Lips” and the Yancey Boys’ Sunset Blvd album. The possibility of posthumously producing tracks for future work is not an idea that fellow producer Madlib wants to see happen with his unreleased material.


In an interview with, the creator of tracks for Tha Alkaholiks, De La Soul, and Mos Def says he wants all of his work destroyed. Madlib states he doesn’t want to see his music get exploited like his Champion Sound collaborator J Dilla.

“I’m gonna burn it down before I die, a little Lee Perry action. Ain’t nobody exploiting my s**t,” said Madlib. ”If I was dying in hospital I’d tell my son to go and burn it. Don’t think I’m going to get exploited like they’re doing to Dilla. I’m learning from how he’s being treated from some people.”

Madlib, who sometimes performs under the moniker Quasimoto, also reflects back on the time he worked with Dilla making Champion Sound.

“That was the favorite time of my life. We were just musical cousins,” expressed Madlib. “When Dilla was healthy it was crazy. When he moved to LA we hung out every week, went to clubs, acted crazy, got drunk. I think about him all the time. I always bump his music.”



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