Today In Hip-Hop: Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force Releases ‘Planet Rock: The Album’

Posted: December 1, 2013 in LATEST NEWS, THROWBACK
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On this day, December 1, in hip-hop history…


1986: As one third of the “Holy Trinity” of hip-hop, old school legend Afrika Bambaataa was vitally instrumental in spreading the message of hip-hop to larger audiences across the world. During the 1970s and early 1980s, Bambaataa became internationally known for combining funk, R&B, disco and early electro that propelled him to becoming one of hip-hop’s most important DJs.  Bambaataa soon went on to record Planet Rock: The Album, a significant LP in the history of hip-hop.

After becoming an iconic musician after the release of several successful hit singles, Bambaataa and his cohorts in the Soulsonic Force would release Planet Rock: The Album in December 1986. While in many ways the album is simply a collection of his biggest hits from the early 1980s, the album serves to capture Bambaataa’s innovation and spirit that built hip-hop culture. Songs such as “Renegades Of Funk,” “Looking For the Perfect Beat” and his breakout 1982 single “Planet Rock” are amongst some of the first hip-hop songs to employ sounds from the iconic Roland TR-808 drum machine that would become a vital building block for rap production over the years. The album would prove to be an early inspiration for growing hip-hop subgenres including electro, Miami Bass and Detroit Techno that would arise over the years, too. 27 years later, Planet Rock: The Album remains one of hip-hop’s early testaments and a landmark in the growing influence and culture of the music.


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