Joey Bada$$ Discusses Family & Capital STEEZ In “Gone Home” Documentary

Posted: November 27, 2013 in LATEST NEWS
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Joey Bada$$ meets his grandfather for the first time on a trip to St. Lucia.

During a recent trip to Saint Lucia, an island-country in the Caribbean Sea, Joey Bada$$ discussed the importance of family the influence Capital STEEZ had on his life. Joey also spoke about the feeling that came upon him while visiting the island where his family came from.

“I don’t really like to set expectations,” Joey says in the documentary. “I like to really just experience and observe. It was just amazing. I really can’t give any words to explain it. It’s so much culture.”

In the video, Joey is seen greeting many children from the island.

“I instantly fell into that vibe,” Joey says in the clip. “It was just a group of kids. The way they looked at me was like somebody of importance. The way that played out was pretty crazy. The way they fell into perfect synchronization, they’re like natural born stars.”

Those children spoke with Joey about the impact he has had on their lives. For Joey, this allowed him to remember the impact Capital STEEZ had on his.

“STEEZ opened my eyes,” Joey says in the documentary. “I remember how it was feeling to look at things a different way and understand life differently. Now I could do that to other people. It’s a great feeling.”

Joey recently spoke about his relationship to STEEZ, who reportedly committed suicide in 2012 at 19-years-old, in an interview with Fader.

“We used to have a lot of conversations about what we wanted to do with ourselves artistically, musically and visually,” Joey says in the article. “And we decided that we wanted to change the world through our music.”

“We all had the same subject matters and way we thought in our brains,” Joey says in the article. “He just put a vision on the board for you to achieve it. I always felt like STEEZ was like a older version of me.”

In a January interview with Shade 45, Joey spoke on how STEEZ’s passing has affected him.

“I’ve been trying my best,” Joey said. “I’ve been trying not to get too lost in my thoughts and everything, because it truly hurts, losing a brother or best friend. It hurts a lot.”

In the Gone Home documentary, Joey also meets his grandfather for the first time.

“Me and my granddad,” Joey says soon after meeting his grandfather. “I could just tell, the look in his eyes was just like creation and life…I could tell he was like, ‘Yo, these are my grandchildren.’ I was really like, ‘Yo, this is my grandfather.’ I was meeting him for the first time…The fact that I got to go back home was really great for me.”


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