Posted: November 27, 2013 in LATEST NEWS
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Foxy Brown Says "Ain't No Nigga" Made Jay Z

It was nearly two decades ago when Jay Z released his Foxy Brown-assisted single “Ain’t No Nigga,” and according to the Brooklyn rapstress, that particular Reasonable Doubt record is the song that made Jay Z.

Foxy shared her thoughts on the record during an interview with Shade 45’s DJ Superstar Jay and also spoke on her relationship with both Jay Z and his former rival, Nas. Foxy compared her relationship with the two emcees to that of a woman with a husband and a side jump-off, but refused to reveal which rapper fits each title.

“Jay knows that that’s the record that made him,” she said. “Serious, we all know that. And that’s a huge and iconic record for him, but he kept it going. He kept busting his guns…It’s so much the people don’t even know. It’s like having a husband and a side jump-off and they both know it about each other. You just have to finagle the whole situation.”

While working with Jay Z on “Ain’t No Nigga,” Foxy says she was only 16-years-old and was therefore juggling her high school career with the extensive hours she spent in the recording studio.

“And at the same time I was really 16 with brothers, I don’t have sisters, I have older brothers. My mom is a school teacher from Trinidad who was a stickler for education,” said Foxy. “So, I was [raised] in the studio. Putting 14 hours in the studio and going straight—jumping on the train to high school. Taking accelerated and [correspondence] courses to graduate early. Like, it was real.”

After being diagnosed with severe sensorineural hearing loss in 2005, Foxy was forced to stop touring and slow down somewhat on her music career. The rapper revealed that at the time of her diagnosis there were others who were more worried than she was.

Now that over eight years have passed since Foxy revealed the news of her hearing loss, she says she was surprised at the current state of Hip Hop upon returning to music.

“Everybody was so—they were more worried than I was,” she said. “I knew I was gonna pick that mic up again. But I didn’t know this time when I picked it up—I mean, it’s so much bullshit out here. Like, I’m just so no impressed. I’m not. If I see another Louboutin—I’m so like, ‘Come on. Y’all are killing me.’ It’s crazy.”

Earlier this year, both Foxy Brown and Lil Kim again found themselves in the spotlight due to their ongoing feud, when rumors of a reunion between the two rappers at this year’s Summer Jam festival began to circulate. During an appearance on MTV’s “Rap Fix Live,” Foxy clarified the rumors and revealed that she was approached by Fabolous about a reunion, but says the reunion wouldn’t have been “real.”

“It’s a touchy situation because I have a lot of respect for Fab,” said Foxy. “My brother and Fab are like brothers. And we’re all from Brooklyn. So, I don’t want to really go there, but let’s just say that it wasn’t orchestrated properly and when you have something of that magnitude. I understand. I have a brand. I’m an intelligent girl. I understand the epicness of those two huge—the biggest female rappers in the game, to change the game, come together and touch mics. It’s phenomenal. But somewhere along the way some part of that has to feel real. It has to be real.”


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