Posted: November 19, 2013 in 16 BARS
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Move with the masses no time for chivalry/ killer bee flow check my delivery/

1st come 1st serve yo that’s my M.O/back in 86 when I made my first demo/

no time to wait you snooze you lose/cross the wrong bridge and you might get bruised/

a tisket a tasket a brown paper basket/when shit gets real yo I pull out the steel it’s the/

Clash of the Titans no room for biting/step on my blue suede shoes and we fighting/

over petty shit smooth like ready whip/aim for the dome cuz you know I got a steady grip/

no faking everything I’m taken/no flour strictly shake and baking/

on that fly shit killers move in silence/murder cats with pens and call it violence!/



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