QUICK 16 (10.27.13.)

Posted: November 18, 2013 in 16 BARS

Danny R

I master flows that are masterful/
classified dope in a class with coke/
classic material/ scratch off the serial/
act soft i’ll bury you/ blast off and here we go/
Bear witness to a massive massacre/
You ain’t gangsta you a passive passenger/
A pretender/ far from a contender/
You better surrender/ way before i enter/
The room./ Kick drum boom/ from the speaker/
Move!/ I kick some dude/ with my sneaker/
Make way danny’s in the house/
Catch wreck/ on the set/ taking haters out/
I seek damage the ambulance chaser/
Roll up your sleeves imma hand you the razor/
it’s the do it yourself suicide kit/
I could do it for you, but you decide kid…


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